Baldy or White-headed pigeons

A few days ago I photographed these Baldy Pigeons (they are also known as White-Headed pigeons) over on the Clarence River near Grafton in northern NSW. These three had come in close to a birdbath to have their afternoon drink and were lined up on a trellis. They usually are only seen around this area at this time of year feeding on figs which had fallen on the ground from the large Moreton Bay Fig tree.

This is the gorgeous fig tree they were feeding under – and a close-up of the fruit. Earlier this year I completed a botanical illustration of Moreton Bay Fig stem.

These native pigeons were hard to photograph on this day – there was a large group of them feeding under the fig tree until I went and got the camera! The click of the camera shutter was enough to send them up high to hide in the trees. Apparently they are amongst the most secretive of all the native pigeons. They have a deep “coo” call.

I do hear from some ‘old-timers’ that in times past they made good eating especially in soups!

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  1. Hi Bookbook,
    In amongst the large group of these pigeons there seemed to be a lot of young ones. Our guess was this is why they were more skittish than usual. Usually they can be easily approached whilst in the birdbath but this day they were very easily spooked. Don’t suppose the red shirt I had on helped – I had just arrived and wasn’t expecting to be photographing birds.

  2. Hi Lyn,
    In the photo above, is the bird in the middle a very young WHP? Recently, we have had one in our bird feeder and I thought that it might a Peaceful Dove. Thanks, Jan.

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