Bold and cheeky: Corellas

These Little Corellas - Cacatua sanguinea - are in the parrot family of birds. They can be quite noisy especially when their calls are heard in larger flocks. Their outer wings and colouring is white but the hidden underneath feathers around the head can be pink/orange and under the wings and tail a pale yellow.... Continue Reading →

Hiding…garden visitors

We had a visitor to our garden last week - can you see what it is? ...Maybe a little closer is needed... This lovely Carpet Python Morelia spilota was quietly curled up in amongst the leaf litter in one of our gardens - it must have felt us and decided to take a look at... Continue Reading →


On Monday in amongst torrential rain there was an enormous ruckus in the trees in our backyard. Much screeching, peeping and carry on from the local Noisy Miners. At first I thought it must have been the local cat they hate but then spotted this Ringtail Possum - Pseudocheirus peregrinis. It is unusual to see... Continue Reading →

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