Magpie Showers

Australian Magpies -¬†Cracticus tibicen are just the most lovely birds. Their striking black and white plumage and beautiful red/brown eyes are topped off with the most wonderful warbling call. It really is one of the iconic bird calls of Australia and its bushland. Over recent weeks my husband has been spending a fair bit of... Continue Reading →

Pacific Black Duck – drawing

The Pacific Black Duck is found in most areas of Australia - it's call can be heard on this website. I love the teal green patch on it's wing - gives it quite a splash of panash!! I have just completed this drawing/illustration of a Pacific Wood Duck. The drawing is done with a fine... Continue Reading →

Bold and cheeky: Corellas

These Little Corellas - Cacatua sanguinea - are in the parrot family of birds. They can be quite noisy especially when their calls are heard in larger flocks. Their outer wings and colouring is white but the hidden underneath feathers around the head can be pink/orange and under the wings and tail a pale yellow.... Continue Reading →

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