Baldy or White-headed pigeons

A few days ago I photographed these Baldy Pigeons (they are also known as White-Headed pigeons) over on the Clarence River near Grafton in northern NSW. These three had come in close to a birdbath to have their afternoon drink and were lined up on a trellis. They usually are only seen around this area... Continue Reading →

Botanical Illustration – Waratah

I have just completed my latest botanical illustration - this time of a waratah - telopia speciosissima.... The waratah has long been an inspiration of mine - 1. NSW State Floral Emblem - 7. 1998 Waratah - 8. Wild Waratah - 25. Waratah - 82. Waratahs & Flannel Flowers - 83. Waratah 02 - Australian... Continue Reading →

Tawny Frogmouth Illustration

I have just finished this Tawny Frogmouth illustration using rotring pens and lots and lot and lots of dots! The basic technique involves using dots to create the image - the closer the dots the deeper the tone. I would like to try the Tawny Frogmouth images in watercolour as well for the current project... Continue Reading →

Botanical Illustration – Banksia serrata

This was the final set drawing for the short botanical illustration course I finished last week. It is Banksia serrata - Saw banksia - which I featured in a previous post. The challenge now is to try a variety of subjects in this illustrative style and improve my skill in this area.

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