Preparing a Linocut Block for printing

Here a few quick tips on getting your linocut block prepared ready for printing. * Before you start carving or printing a linocut blockĀ  you can gently remove the waterproof coating. Linocut blocks are coated in a waterproof coating - if you place a drop of water on the surface it will bead and not... Continue Reading →

Tawny Frogmouths and Linocuts

Over a week ago I went to a see a local wildlife carer release two Tawny Frogmouths from his care. These had been young baby Tawny Frogmouths when they had been found and have been cared for until they have reached this stage and are ready to be released. There was a strong bond with... Continue Reading →

Baby Tawny Frogmouth

Some photos I took today whilst visiting a local wildlife carer who is currently looking after this baby tawny frogmouth. it was afternoon and it was wide awake looking forward to a feed! Gorgeous birds!!

Tawny Frogmouth Glare – Linocut

I have finally got around to completing this Tawny Frogmouth Glare Linocut. I did an illustration of this image a while back but had always planned to do it also as a linocut. Love these birds they are interesting and quirky and most suprising. I have finished reading Gisela Kaplan's book - excellent reading! Have... Continue Reading →

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