Tawny Frogmouths and Linocuts

tawny-frogmouth-pair-2-web Over a week ago I went to a see a local wildlife carer release two Tawny Frogmouths from his care.

These had been young baby Tawny Frogmouths when they had been found and have been cared for until they have reached this stage and are ready to be released. There was a strong bond with this pair and so it was decided to release them together.


Of course I took hundreds of photos (ah the wonders of digital cameras!!) and I have chosen just a few to share with you.

I love the way despite the “I am not really here – you can’t see me” typical Tawny Frogmouth pose which works very well when their feathering colour blends back into a nearby tree trunk, they still take this whole stance no matter where they are. They seem to have this complete belief that if they just sit very very still no-one can see them. A bit like a child covering their eyes thinking you can no longer see them.

1tawny-frogmouth-web 1-tawny-frogmouth-released-web

The above is the first Tawny to be released and wide-eyed with wonder and interest.

2-tawny-frogmouth-web 2-tawny-frogmouth-release-2-web

The second Tawny who seemed a very quiet gentle bird took longer to move out into the world – the second photo seems to indicate a bit of displeasure at his comfortable existence being disturbed – he was looking right at all of us!

Or maybe he’s just concerned…

When we left it was dusk and the pair continued to sit and wait just assessing their current and new situation.

So – what’s next on the linocut front? Well it would have to be Tawny Frogmouths!! This is the template ready for carving “Tawny Expressions” and as you can tell from the above photos these birds have the most amazing array of expressions! Only problem is that now I can see so many more designs I could add….

Tawny Expressions Linocut Templates
Tawny Expressions Linocut Templates

2 thoughts on “Tawny Frogmouths and Linocuts

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    1. Hi Greer,
      Wow 23! I must say I find them the most lovely of birds and so overlooked. People just think of them in their typical “you can’t see me pose” but they have so many expressions.
      I have been trying to get photos of tiny babies but have missed out for this year I think. I have a number of projects using tawnies I have had on the back burner for years now but am still sourcing some images. Hoping to catch up on a few projects this year!

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