Linocut Carving – Tawny Frogmouth Eyes – slow progress

A quick update…I have been working…albeit it very slowly…on these small designs but not getting a long way.

Sometimes life and circumstances make for slow progress.


This is the current state – four small linocut carvings completed and starting on a fifth – only eight to go!

Tawny Expressions Linocut Templates
Tawny Expressions Linocut Templates

I have also had 2 more visits to our backyard from our local pair of tawny frogmouths in the last week or so which has been great and some new photos of their activities of course!

I have still been plodding along with the alphabet designs a bit as well – will post more about them soon.

4 thoughts on “Linocut Carving – Tawny Frogmouth Eyes – slow progress

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  1. I was just wondering to myself whether those designs would translate into screens or gates. This is an idle fancy, of course. But who wouldn’t want a set of wrought iron gates in the form of a pair of tawny frogmouths?

  2. They’re fantastic. As a wildlife carer I’m lucky enough to have about a dozen of these in our aviary at the moment. Everyone of them seems to have a different personality and the range of expressions when I go in to feed them is incredible.

    1. Sorry to have taken soo long to reply!! I agree they do all seem to have different personalities. I am not a carer – not enough hours in the day – but the ones I ahve had contact with through other carers and the ones that visit my yard regularly I can see their personalities. This is why I started doing a range of drawings and made the ‘Tawny Expressions’ piece to show they are not just the birds that stand there stil and pretending they are not there! LOL

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