Update to website – Tawny Frogmouth Linocut

TawnyExpressionsWEB3I have finally started to get back to work – although slowly – and have just updated my website with the final version of the ‘Tawny Expressions’ linocut which I have called ‘Evry Move You Make…Watching YOU’.

The local ‘tawnies’ as they are affectionately known are back of an evening hunting under the street lights and sending out their thrumming oom-oom. Each year I hope they will find the trees in our yard to nest in but so far no such luck! But I look forward to thei summertime visits and hopefully they will bring a young one or two around again for a visit.


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  1. I’ve been enjoying skipping around your blog. I’m just starting with linocut (as of yesterday, to be precise). Are you printing on watercolor paper? When you do the hand coloring, you’re using watercolor, is that right? How does that work with the ink? Does it blur it, spread it, or disappear on it if you go over it? I guess that would depend on if you were using oil or water-based inks …

    I’m just full of questions, aren’t I?
    Thanks for sharing,

    1. Hello Xan,
      I do use watercolour paper at the moment, but I have also used Japanese handmade rice papers in the past. It is hot pressed rather than cold pressed watercolour paper. The hot pressed papers have a smooth surface and the cold pressed are the more traditional papers for watercolour paintings and have a texture to the surface of the paper.
      I use watercolours to hand colour the linocuts and oil based ink. This way the oil based ink repels the watercolour and it does not smudge the ink.
      Thanks for visiting!
      kind regards

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