I love the Blue Mountains. Like many people growing up in Sydney I used to love taking day trips up to Katoomba, Leura, Wentworth Falls, Lawson, Blackheath ... The views are spectacular and the native bush and wildflowers stunning.This is a very old image of 'The Three Sisters' at Katoomba from a slide that my... Continue Reading →

Sunshine Wattle Winter Days

The last week the weather on the Far North Coast NSW as been stunning! Clear blue skies and lovely sunshine winter warm days. And as if to heighten how gorgeous it has been the beautiful Queensland Silver Wattle - Acacia podalyriifolia - is currently flowering. This is one of my favourite wattles with its stunning... Continue Reading →

Three new small linocuts for 2012

Well I have managed to get three small linocut designs carved, printed & handcoloured. Banksia Square is a small 15 x 15 cm handcoloured linocut of the Coastal Banksia - Banksia integrifolia. Flannel Flowers Square - again a 15 x 15 cm handcoloured linocut of the ever gorgeous flannel flowers - Actinotus helianthii. Powderpuff Lillypilly... Continue Reading →

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