Keeping up to date – where am I?

Whilst I have been working consistently I have not been blogging as much. There are now so many competing platforms these days to keep people up to date on what I am doing I must admit I am still trying to figure out the best way. Being curious I have been trying a few of these out.

I am aiming to continue post here about every 3-4 weeks with significant and more detailed updates.

I have some an announcement about something exciting happening at the end of the year which I should be able to post here very soon.

In the meantime I have been carving consistently for the past couple of weeks on a new large work – a Waratah Tryptich. It is quite a challenge carving the pieces back to back but my shoulder is holding up well so far – although my neck s a bit challenged & stiff! Here are 3 photos (from Instagram of the progress).

Waratah Tryptich Central Panel Carving

Waratah Tryptich Panel 1 Carving

Waratah Tryptich Panel 2 Carving

I am making regular updates on Instagram and Twitter. I must admit I am enjoying the immediacy of these two mediums for both recording and finding sources of inspiration. Instagram is my current favourite as it allows a visual log of what you may be doing at any time, what things you are finding interesting or providing inspiration and where you may be at with artwork.

Kind of like a little visual journal.


Twitter gives you 140 characters to ‘micro-blog’ so again there is an immediacy. It is also providing the opportunity to connect with other artsist/printmakers/linocut/relief print people. We can exchange ideas/images of what we are doing and check on each others progress. So it enables immediate connection with others which is wonderful for someone who spends a lot of time in the studio alone. Again there are sources of inspiration, on what’s happening, the opportunity to interact with others and just a bit of humour in a day.

Twitter Lynette Weir

These smaller updates also feed though into a Facebook – Lynette Weir Studio – page  if you do not follow twitter or Instagram or Twitter.

Facebook Page

You can add me as a friend on my Facebook Profile – Soulsong Lynette Weir.

Facebook Profle

I do have an account of Pinterest but it has not really grabbed me like the other platforms. I think this is due to the copyright issues flagged about this site in the past. I do however notice that my work and images of my processes are often ‘pinned’ by others so decided to have a small and I admit not well frequented presence there.


I have an About Me account as well!!

Again I do not really update here frequently. This platform seems to be more about making a statement with image/s ‘about me’ and providing the opportunity of being a kind of ‘one-stop’ place to link to your other platforms.

ABOUT ME Lynette Weir

Finally I have a LinkedIn account – again not well used by me but for those who want to connect in this way I am there!!

LinkedIn Lynette Weir

Of course the ‘one-stop-shop’ for where you can find all my art – my website –

WEBSITE Lynette Weir

… I may well be in other places …

… but I just can’t remember where any more …

… but mostly I am in my studio or print studio making art.

I must admit that ‘keeping up’ can be a tad exhausting at times!!

We seemed to have a lot more time back when we all corresponded by a handwritten or typed letter! But it can also be great engaging with others in all these myriad of ways we are presented with through the internet.

So feel free to follow along anywhere above and we’ll see where it all takes us. I cannot imagine what the world of the internet will bring us into the future but it will make for an interesting ride!

But to cut to the chase the best way to keep up (with daily images & short posts about what I am doing that day) follow me on Instagram or Twitter.


Just wait for a post here every 3-4 weeks.

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