Irrewarra Bakery ANZAC Biscuits win Delicious Magazine Award


Well I have been a bit laid up for the past couple of weeks due to shoulder surgery. It was the best outcome from the surgery I could expect with the shoulder now all repaired. There is still a while to go before it gets back to ‘normal’ and may still have some difficulties but essentially it will be much better than it was. It will be some time before I test it out with linocutting so will need to occupy myself with other endeavours until then! Must admit I am slightly bored at this point in time but do recognise the need to be sensible. All I can say is … sigh …

I did received great news from Bronwynne Calvert from Irrewarra Bakery last week. Firstly the Anzac Biscuits are selling really well with the new labels. Then the big news – they won a Delicious Magazine ‘From the Earth’ Category Artisan Medal for their ANZAC Biscuits. Whoo hoo!!

“The anzacs were finalists after 2000 entries (130 finalists) and then received a medal.  It will be in the next issue of the Delicious magazine.  The judging is based on taste and presentation”

The Judges included: Simon Johnson in Sydney’s Alexandria, Maggie Beer, Alla Wolf-Tasker, Matt Moran, Cheong Liew, Philip Johnson and Valli Little.

As I have said previously I love these Anzac biscuits! I was really impressed when Bronwynne sent me another unexpected parcel last week!


First thing I did was make a lovely cup of tea and treat myself!





6 thoughts on “Irrewarra Bakery ANZAC Biscuits win Delicious Magazine Award

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    1. Thanks I am just really pleased they are selling really well for the Bakery. Recovery will just be gradual but need to avoid the desire to have a go at carving just yet! LOL. Lyn

  1. Hi Lynette

    Reading your item about Anzac biscuits, brought back memories of something really special in Sydney. About eleven or twelve years ago, I work as a courier for a large pathology company, and my daily route took me around Anzac Pde or South Dowling St; I’m not sure which of these two.
    Anyhow, traveling along one of the arterials in a northwest direction towards the city, was a shop/bakery on the left-hand side that specialised in Anzac biscuits.
    In my opinion, they were by far the best Anzac biscuits I have ever had.
    Is there a chance that anyone remembers them, and to where they went.

    Thanks, Steve

    1. Hello Stephen,
      I love Anzac Biscuits & Irrewarra’s are lovely!
      My Mum worked as a Courier for a large Pathologist in Sydney as well … coincidences …

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