Linocuts – Week 1 Back to work carving

I have managed to start caving some small lino blocks in the last week or so and it is all going well with my shoulder so far which is excellent.

Here is a small image of some of the carvings – they are a couple of small designs I was working on back in 2012. The one on the left is from a series of 15x15cm square designs and the one of the right is from a series of 12 ‘Deco’ designs. I had been having long-term problems carving for a long while but I did 2 days carving this week and all was fine!! Yippee!! Hoping to start on some large blocks and multi-panel designs I designed at the end of last year very soon!


I have also finished painting & getting some new stock framed for the Day Fine Art Gallery in Blackheath, Blue Mountains NSW. There are plenty of flannel flowers in this new selection and they should be listed on this page in the next week or so.

I also printed one of the earlier designs that I was working on based on those old-fashioned postcards utilising black and white design and colour into one design. You can see the design process for these here.

This is an image of the design that I added some Photoshop colour into.

Sturt Desert Pea CARD 2012 COLOUR WEB

I then carved the linoblock back in May 2012 – take note that the design is carved in reverse.

Sturt Desert Pea Card 2012 WEB

Inking up the lino block.


The first proof prints. The proof print is a ‘trial run’ to check the carving is all correct. I may choose to carve more ares out or fix areas before printing the final design. This shows the reversal of the printed image.


Handcoloured this week with watercolour.

This first completed on is Sturt Desert Peas – Retro Postcards


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  1. I have just come across your work on pintrest beautiful.
    Are you aware of angie Lewins work,Best wishes may all your prints be snapped up by print lovers .They are very nice and love the subject chosen.

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