Sunshine Wattle Winter Days

The last week the weather on the Far North Coast NSW as been stunning! Clear blue skies and lovely sunshine winter warm days.

And as if to heighten how gorgeous it has been the beautiful Queensland Silver Wattle – Acacia podalyriifolia – is currently flowering. This is one of my favourite wattles with its stunning bright golden flowers balls and silver green foliage.

This wattle is brilliant set against the clear blue skies.

4 thoughts on “Sunshine Wattle Winter Days

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    1. One of the lovely things about winter in Aus are the wattles & banksias flowering! The sting in the tail for wattle is the amount of pollen it produces & the allergies it creates for those with hayfever. I love wattle but will not grow it in my garden for this reason … prefer to briefly visit it in other places! LOL

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