Warning – contains seriously cute baby Tawny Frogmouth photos…

Well after a busy week and some intense rain I managed to get back to visit the little Tawny Frogmouth family I have been watching over the past few weeks. A lot happens in a week of growth with baby birds and the tiny little white balls of fluff have got big yellow eyes and beaks, feathers and even feathered wings. Not enough to fly yet & they still have the soft white feathers but it won’t be much longer before they disappear as well.

This gorgeous little one poking its head up for a look is 10 days old – it was the one that was born whilst I was visiting them. Mum is very calm and just keeps a watchful eye out on us below oohhing and aahhhing at those cute yellow eyes poking over the top of the branch.

And you can just see behind this little fellow is the larger and eldest of the two – at about 2 weeks old – a sibling opening it’s large ‘frogmouth’ wide.

Let’s approach from a different angle…here is the largest of the two babies – you cna clearly see the nest and at first this little one doesn’t see us, but spots something above it.

Then he catches us – well maybe all the oohing caught its attention.

Then it went into full on scary face practice – opening its eyes wide and its large yellow lined beak. Tawnies use these facial expressions to warn off those who may be a threat to them. Good to see this little one is practising hard – pretty much at anything that catches its attention.

Older and wiser mum opens her sleepy eyes to check something out.

Then promptly shuts them down to a slit again – all the time baby is warning them off!

Time for a wing stretch – photos are a bit blurry but you can see how much it has grown and how the wing feathers are forming.

Now tell me “what exactly are YOU looking at?”

Look carefully and you will see…

Number 2 baby has decided that the action is all over this side of the nest/tree and I want to see as well!!

This is the dad Tawny Frogmouth – I hadn’t been able to see him previously but found he was sitting on a branch very close by. Perhaps watching and making sure that all are kept safe – especially as the babies are getting so much bigger and that nest is actually quite small.

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