Everything’s coming up Lillies

Well I was planning to visit the Tawny Frogmouths & babies today but after thinking ‘I’ll just have a little lay down first’ I woke up an hour later!

So instead I have taken some photos in my garden this afternoon. I have a few variety of native lillies and three of them are currently flowering.

At this time of year the quite gorgeous and spectacular Cape York LilliesCurcuma australasica sprout their stalks out of nothing and open up with this stunning display of deep pink tops, green stems and small yellow flowers in stems. These flowers are followed by large green leaves over the next few weeks.

The tall stalks of the River Lily – Crinum pedunculatum open in delicate sprays of spider like flowers – these are a favourite of mine and end up dropping large seed pods that look mushroom like and sprout new plants.

Finally the delicate first stalks of Brisbane lillies  – Proiphys cunninghamii are coming up – looks like they are going to be stunning this year, maybe because of having had plenty of rain throughout the year.

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