Attempting WA in my garden – Hakea multilineata

In my garden I grow indigenous species from this region but I also grow – or perhaps I should say ‘attempt to grow’ – species form other regions. Some plants are more successful than others – but often I manage to get a season or two and some photographs I can use in my work or keep in my extensive photographic catalogue. As I work always from my own photographs or friends that have taken photos for me I find attempting to grow some of these plants really worthwhile.

One of these is the Western Australian Hakea multilineata – Grass-leaved Hakea that was I was fortunate to pick up as a grafted plant and has been growing successfully here – in a scraggly fashion for a number of years.

It has the most gorgeous pink large hake flowers down the stem with long lined thin leaves. Sometimes I would pick them as they were quite spectacular but really quite high up on the tree.

After flowering it produced seed pods as you can see here.

These then dried and eventually opened to release its seeds.

It has been looking worse for the wear over recent months – perhaps too much rain – and looked like it was slowly dying. The other morning though after a storm the night before we came out to find the small tree snapped off at the base and over the driveway.So this is what is left…

…got some great photos though!

…and maybe a design too…

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