Currently carving…tawny frogmouth…linocuts

tawny-frogmouth-expressions-linocut-blocksJust a quick update to let you know I am carving the Tawny Frogmouth Expressions linocuts! They are smaller blocks and I am back to using the grey silkcut lino which is nice.

I am trying to take regular breaks and watch that I don’t spend too much time bent over in the same position to help alleviate the RSI that is so annoying. I also use a wrist guard which forces me to adjust the position I hold my hand in and be more aware of taking breaks. Sometimes I get so involved in carving a section that I forget how long I have been working in the same position. Anyway so far so good!

Typically for me I am also in between times working on the final images for the alphabets – almost finished all the wildlife images.

it is rainy and damp here at the moment and it is not supposed to ease off for the next couple of days. But I like these days (as long as I am not trying to get things printed in which case I don’t as the damp gets into the lovely dry paper!) they are pottering and working days…

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