Birds @ Bellingen NSW

We spent some time in Bellingen NSW yesterday. A lovely warm winter's day - and I managed to photograph just a few of the local birds. Think I have identified them correctly but any corrections welcome! This Lewin's Honeyeater - Meliphaga lewinii - was one of many flitting around feeding on nectar from a Eucalypt... Continue Reading →

Wedgetail Eagles

On the way home from the Coffs Harbour Butterfly House on Sunday on one of the back roads we were amazed to see 4 large Wedgetail Eagles - Aquila audax. They were down on and beside the road - of course we had to pull over (again the husband mumbling about obsessive tendencies!). To see... Continue Reading →

Barn Owl – Tyto alba

This is a photo I took a while back of Barn Owl - Tyto alba - they are relatively common and are found around the world.  They are also known as Ghost Owls in some parts - I can understand this - with their white and lightly coloured feathers and their silent flight. They have... Continue Reading →

Baby Tawny Frogmouth

Some photos I took today whilst visiting a local wildlife carer who is currently looking after this baby tawny frogmouth. it was afternoon and it was wide awake looking forward to a feed! Gorgeous birds!!

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