Birds @ Bellingen NSW

We spent some time in Bellingen NSW yesterday.
A lovely warm winter’s day – and I managed to photograph just a few of the local birds. Think I have identified them correctly but any corrections welcome!

This Lewin’s HoneyeaterMeliphaga lewinii – was one of many flitting around feeding on nectar from a Eucalypt flowers. It has a strong repetitive call.


Catching the corner of my eye was this flash of yellow from the brilliantly coloured breast of this Eastern Yellow RobinEopsaltria australis. It has the prettiest call.


EasternYellowRobinWEB EasternYellowRobin1WEB

Continuously on the move and very hard to photograph was this Grey FantailRhipidura fuliginosa. It’s call is a bit more shrill. It was a challenge as it constantly was moving and despite trying I was unable to capture it actually ‘fanning’ it’s tail. All a bit blurry I’m afraid.


GreyFantail1WEB GreyFantail2WEB

Kookaburras – Dacelo novaeguineae – were laughing in the distance.


…and Welcome Swallows Hirundo neoxena were swinging on the wires…


4 thoughts on “Birds @ Bellingen NSW

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  1. …beatiful images. I especially like the Eastern Yellow Robin. What a cutie he is!! We have a Robin Red Breast here, but that yellow breast is exquisite!

    1. It was a very quick visit with not a lot of time to take photos but I was pleased to at least identify a few of teh birds for future reference and maybe future photos.

  2. Was there in Oct 2010. From the Lilypily B&B, I saw the most gorgeous bird, black and bright yellow colouring. Flew away quickly before camera moment. Must’ve been the Eastern Yellow Robin. Fantastic sight. Thanks for your site. Rocky 2010

    1. Bellingen is such a nice place – we were there again a couple of weeks. I am trying to get some extra photos of the Dorrigo Waratah – Alloxylon pinnatum but none out yet so will probably head down again soon.

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