Bold and cheeky: Corellas

These Little Corellas Cacatua sanguinea – are in the parrot family of birds. They can be quite noisy especially when their calls are heard in larger flocks.

Their outer wings and colouring is white but the hidden underneath feathers around the head can be pink/orange and under the wings and tail a pale yellow.

They are cheeky. lively birds and I just love the way they do the pigeon toed waddling walk!

They seem to be quite dominant – almost bullies – in the groups of galahs, sulpher-crested cockatoos, lorikeets and pigeons I was photographing. But they have such a cheek and bold approach and character you cannot help but like them!

5 thoughts on “Bold and cheeky: Corellas

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  1. Gorgeous 🙂
    I have a pet corella myself. You’re right; they’re noisy, can be bullies, but are endearing little clowns that always win you over.

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