Childhood friends – Sharon Quandt Photography


I have a lovely friend – Sharon – who I grew up with in Loftus, Sydney. We lived across the road from each other and spent most days playing, riding bikes, building cubby houses and exploring the bushland. It was back in the 1960’s and 70’s when kids seemed to roam freely and widely & we had many ‘adventure’ and good times.

We went to school together – either walking or catching the local bus. Here we are in 1971 – where we are both looking decidedly mischievous, and in 1974 when we are looking a bit more grown up.

LYN & SHARON 1971 WEB Lyn & Sharon 1974WEB

We lived in a cul-de-sac which I think was the most wonderful type of street (as anyone who has grown up in one can agree) where we had a ready-made community. All of us kids would have the best time as well as learning to get along better with others. When we fought we had to resolve it pretty quickly – we had to live alongside each other and it was far less fun when we weren’t all together! We had a hill going down into the cul-de-sac flat area and would ride bikes and home-made billy carts. Although I do think this birthday present bike was rather large for me at the time.

LynettePerkinsWeir - Primrose Place Kids 3

Birthday parties were a chance for us kids to dress up and get together. Sharon is on the right between her brother and sister.

LynettePerkinsWeir - Primrose Place Kids 2

Sharon and I were also Bridesmaids for each other – even sharing our Bridesmaids dresses!

WeddingPartySharon & Darren Quandt Wedding 1 WEB

A couple of years ago Sharon decided to take up photography as a hobby but it has become a bit more than that!


I see myself as someone who has always taken photos – family events, people places and of course native wildflowers & wildlife – a ‘snapper’ and recorder. But I see Sharon as a true Photographer. She can tell you all about the cameras and settings and how they work. She has spent many hours learning and developing her skills. I always said to her from the beginning she had a great ‘eye’ for photos – composition, colour and interest and she is producing the most wonderful photos. A little while back I helped her start a new website which she is developing.





I really like her portraits where she has captured some beautiful images and wonderful ‘moments’.

You can see this in her photos – this is of one of her gorgeous niece and three of her nephews.



Sharon’s family has always been involved in the local Bushfire Brigade – a really important organisation especially somewhere like Loftus which is surrounded but native bushland. I remember well many anxious times as we watched out of control fires heading up the gullies behind Loftus and our street. Sharon is also a member of the Brigade and has taken her camera along to trainings and events.



So if you are looking for someone to take some photos (Sharon is in Sydney) – portraits, functions, weddings – I have included Sharon’s new poster below with her contact details on it. She has a website – Sharon Quandt Photography and a Facebook Page where you can follow what she is up to.


Childhood and lifelong friends are just so special.

Sometimes you won’t see these friends for months or years but when you do it is just like you were talking yesterday.

Sharon is one of those friends – a kind and generous person which I think you can see through her gorgeous photography.

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  1. Lyn – this is so special – thank you for putting our memories here. It has brought back our care-free childhood and happy times spent as kids growing up in an amazing street. How fortunate were we!. Life long friends are special – and so true we don’t see or communicate all the time but time means nothing when it comes to friends. Thank you for those encouraging words – you too are one talented lady with so much to offer in the world of art.

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