Art Happenings in Lismore

Well things have been very quiet for me on the art making front for the past little while. Two of my sons have been getting ready to go to University – in separate cities in different States! This includes my youngest son who is leaving home after finishing his HSC last year to live away for the first time so there as been LOTS to organise and set up.

So I have set the art making aside until we get everything done.

As ’empty nesters’ for the first time there will be hopefully plenty of time for the art in just a couple of weeks time!

In the meantime there is a local traditional artist whose exhibition opened at Lismore Regional Gallery last night and it runs until 7th April. Her name is Margaret E Brown and I have helped her set up a little website with some of her work including a page with the pieces she has in the exhibition – The Red Heart.

This is one of her works – The Enchanted Gums – this is an oil painting but she works in a variety of mediums.

Another local artist/printmaker Darren Bryant is also exhibiting – Boy’s Own (The Hoon Series): Darren Bryant.

Both these local artists are alongside an exhibition about Australian Artist Thea Proctor and her contemporaries The new charge: Australian women modernists.

So it would be well worth a trip to Lismore Regional Gallery to have a look if you are out and about in Lismore anytime in the next month.

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