Brisbane Lily – Proiphys cunninghamii

A good few years ago I planted a couple of Proiphys cunninghamii — – Brisbane or Moreton Bay Lillies. Brisbane Lily 2012 4I bought them from a wonderful Australian plant nursery we used to have here just outside Lismore. Unfortunately the plant nursery is gone but my lilies are thriving. The horticulturalist who sold them to me said she only would sell them on condition I looked after them as they were quite rare.

Brisbane Lily 2012 3

I found a lovely little protected area near the steps to my front door in amongst some salvaged local rocks that I used to make the garden. They are right next to a Native Rhododendron & my Cairns lillies. Before I went on holidays the flower stems were beginning to emerge from the gorgeous green low lying leaves.

Brisbane Lily 2012 6 Brisbane Lily 2012 5

Brisbane Lily 2012 7 Brisbane Lily 2012 8

I arrived home to find there was the tail end of the most spectacular display of flowers I have ever had!

Brisbane Lily 2012 10

Brisbane Lily 2012 17

The flowers are finishing off now unfortunately but the flower heads are all forming the seeds.

Brisbane Lily 2012 12

Brisbane Lily 2012 11

I love the flowers they are beautiful & white with yellow stamen, like little bells.

Brisbane Lily 2012 13

Brisbane Lily 2012 16

I did find one flower stem just starting to emerge from the leaves just in time to give a lovely show for Christmas.

Brisbane Lily 2012 15

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  1. Lovely! – our wild ones are flowering as well, just waiting for the appearance of the Typhonium (species??) to pop up with it’s dark maroon flowers

  2. Hi there i have been look for this species for some time and can not find it available for sale any were im wondering if you could help with seed or a bulb for sale Brisbane Lily – Proiphys cunninghamii
    or the other species
    my name is Shaun email is

    1. Hi Shaun, sorry for the slow reply! I am not the best at plant propagation – I have tried to plant seeds but with not much success. I will keep a lookout for any plants & let you know. Mine came from a native nursery outside Lismore that unfortunately is no longer there 😦
      Kind regards

    2. Hi Shaun I have some for sale that I don’t want any more. I have one large pot with about 7 flowering bulbs.

      1. Carolyn I would be interested in obtains the bulbs you have available for sale
        Could you contact me via email pm please
        Shaun Douglas

  3. Hello everyone,
    I would appreciate some advise on what type of potting mix and fertilizer to use to grow this plant in a pot… Please!

    1. Hi Cornelio – mine are all in the ground in a sheltered mostly shady spot (some early morning sun). It is a raised garden bed/rockery section & they all seem to love it there 🙂 I seem to be new self seeded plants each year after they have flowered, seeded & dropped the seeds. Every year I love it when I see them all regenerating & flowering before Christmas 🙂

      1. Hi Lyn,

        Thank you for your reply and all the information. Your plants look happy and very healthy! …I have one bulb that I am about to plant. Hopefully by Christmas I will have some flowers and photos to show. 🙂


  4. Hi Lyn, My name is Dave, I am a horticulturist with a large botanically significant collection of Stanhopea orchids. I found your site while searching for Proiphys Lillies. I would really like to get a few seeds if at all possible. I would be happy to swap for a couple of Stanhopea or purchase them from you. I can advise on when to collect seed, yours Dave

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