Stunning Firewheel Tree

Firewheel Tree
Firewheel Tree

Well I must say that this years flowering of my Firewheel Tree – stenocarpus sinuatus – is absolutely stunning.

I planted this tree when we moved into our house about 21 years ago and although I have had an ever increasing amount of flowers, this years display is beyond anything previous.

Maybe it is the amount of rain we have had or maybe it is just that it has finally reached a fully flowering stage.

Anyway it has outdone itself!

As you can see from this photo on the left the flowers are hidden in amongst the deep glossy green leaves of the tree rather then the showy display of the Ivory Curl Flower where the flowers dominate the whole tree. My ivory Curl Flower Tree is also flowering at the moment and as usual is spectacular.

Don’t be fooled, hidden in amongst these deep glossy green leaves a quite spectacular display is taking place.

The ‘Fire wheels’ are quite well named. The red flowers begin a pinky/orange shade and gradually deepen to the rich deep red as the wheels slowly open.

The young flowers resembles wheels held on stems out from the limbs of the trees.


These ‘wheels’ slowly crack open and reveal a yellow style shown below.

From this point on the wheel begins to open up.


When the ‘wheels’ finally split open they look like this … deep red spidery flowers with yellow orbs on the ends.

Even the bark is interesting.


Australian Wildflower Panels Firewheels
Australian Wildflower Panels Firewheels



4 thoughts on “Stunning Firewheel Tree

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  1. Stunning! The panels of vivid colour alternating with black & white line drawings are unusual and dramatic. The photos of the various parts of the tree are like botanical paintings–each part is clearly depicted. The progression of flowering is fascinating.

    1. I do love Firewheel trees! It was one of the first trees I planted when we moved here and although it has taken a long time the flowering this year is stunning – s happy I planted it.

    1. Thanks! Love Firewheels – lend themselves to design work – have a new lot of hopefully different style of designs coming through soon using ‘patterns’ – going to use a Firewheel as one of them.

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