Lynette Weir – New Website of Australian Linocut Artist

Well after weeks of struggling with uploads, code meta this & that etc etc etc I think my website is about finished.

Well maybe as finished as I can do at the moment.

I may tweek a couple of things over the next few days if I can figure it out or get some advice.

I am still running my old Soulsong site but will eventually send traffic to my new website.

I must say it is all a bit complex & some days my brain has ‘melted’ a bit!

Can’t wait to get back carving again – so much to do & some exciting things happening that I will tell you about soon!

Let me know what you think!

Lynette Weir

LynetteWeir - Australian Linocut Artist

2 thoughts on “Lynette Weir – New Website of Australian Linocut Artist

Add yours

    1. Thanks Wren!
      Been a bit behind on my comments & blog reading lately – been hyperfocused on getting all the websites running & more contemporary looking.
      As for the whole social networking – it changes so quickly all the time & can be difficult to keep up with.
      Still streamlining things to what I want but at least I am getting there I hope!
      Due to health issue & shoulder/neck pain at least it has given me something to do rather than moan about not being able to do much LOL

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