Carvings – Grevillea Imagining

A series of photographs from Instagram of the progression of carving the Grevillea imaginings lincout. It is quite a fine design with small parts so is by it's nature slow & fiddly. I have however been struggling with chronic pain issues & life interfering with art! It is progressing though & I am now in... Continue Reading →

Getting back on track

It has been a long while since I posted on this studio diary. This is for many reasons including the ease at which Instagram & Twitter allow you to make quick updates & post images. So if you follow on Instagram or Twitter then you will see I am still working - drawing, designing, photographing... Continue Reading →

Stunning Firewheel Tree

Well I must say that this years flowering of my Firewheel Tree - stenocarpus sinuatus - is absolutely stunning. I planted this tree when we moved into our house about 21 years ago and although I have had an ever increasing amount of flowers, this years display is beyond anything previous. Maybe it is the... Continue Reading →

Wildflower Print Designs

...a selection from wildflower print designs I have been playing around with... ...wattle...waratahs...flannel flowers...gum nuts... deciding.... ...and some black and white designs as well...

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