A couple of new linocuts and a copyright dilemma…

I finished this a few months ago but had not got round to posting it on my blog yet – Eucalyptus caesia – a gorgeous flower, leaves & pod on a quite to be frank scraggly tree.


I am still struggling along with this print – like the image & colours but still trying to fiddle with some of the tonal variations and colour mixings in the print the image is getting a bit ‘lost’…so not quite finished.

And the copyright dilemma you say? I have recently found some breaches in the use of my images without permission on Facebook profile pictures. I have asked those involved to take them down but been ignored…one I cannot contact as there is no provision to do so within the Facebook page. The trouble is that being a profile picture it means that my image is linked to that cause, person etc whenever and wherever they make a post on Facebook.

I am pretty generous with my image usage for educational purposes and for some organisations I choose to help but on the whole I like to be asked and make that decision myself.

Anyone with any experience with this process or issues?

Any experiences can also be messaged through my Facebook as well – click on the link in the right sidebar.

6 thoughts on “A couple of new linocuts and a copyright dilemma…

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    1. Thanks Bronwen – I have looked at doing that but wasn’t sure about creating a fuss really would just prefer to email them privately & ask them to take down the images first. Seem to be being ignored though…sigh.

  1. I find my toy images used all over the net – and sometimes my illustrations, as avatars. Mostly I let it go, as it tends to be foreign blogs – Russian/Chinese – simply posting my work and usually with a link to my blog/website. But in the cases where I have found my photos used without acknowledgement or a link – just stolen – I do leave comments if I can. But at the end of the day, there is not much you can do about it really, as they aren’t selling your work as their own or committing fraud, infuriating as it is. I just put up with it as part of the inevitable trade off which comes from running a business on the internet – I can’t not show my work, or I wouldn’t be able to sell it, and if I do show it then images will get *borrowed* as it’s so easy. I have found instances of people actually copying my work though, which is a different thing altogether, and have stamped down on it very hard. They won’t be doing that again.

    1. Thanks Gretel, sometimes the reaction to those having ‘borrowed’ the images for their eg community organisation, are not really very nice. It is like ‘how dare you ask us to remove this, we are just a community organisaton’ and worse! The difficulty is that most people do ask & I regularly give permission for educational purposes and some community organisations I support. The problem is that sometimes there is a ’cause’ attached and I often really avoid getting into that as it can get ugly at times. But I must say most people are fair & I do ask for any links to organisations in my permissions contact form as I did get burnt once before. Oh well just need to start carving again really!!

  2. Not a frequent user of Facebook I’m not up to speed with how it works, but is there no homepage etc. where you can direct your genuine complaint? I imagine you must be pretty cheesed off that somebody is so hard-faced to firstly they would use your property and secondly to ignore your request! You’re lucky that you spotted it.

    Diana P

    1. With the Facebook it is more that people or organisations have just taken my image and made it their profile picture which means every time they post anything anywhere as that Facebook page, organisation or business my image is the public face that is shown. One of my images of a NZ Falcon seem to have gone a bit viral on a few sites probably due to its use by someone without permission posting it as their gravatar & using it on brochures which the thing that is ore difficult to sort out.

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