Tawny Update…

Unfortunately our little baby Tawny did not make it – the parents chose not to feed it. I think 3 babies in one tiny nest was way too ambitious for these parents. Given its extremely young age & the huge drop it endured to the ground we think it probably didn’t have much chance, but we tried as best we could – a brave little soul anyway…

On a happier note the other two babies seem to be doing really well – the mum had the youngest one that we had been there to see hatch well shoved down into the nest out of harms way but the larger one was quite at home yawning with its large beak and even stretching its quite large wings now with the beginnings of the proper feathers forming.

5 thoughts on “Tawny Update…

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  1. Sorry, just now realizing this is the one that didn’t make it.
    You can definitely see its spirited nature.
    Isn’t two out of three a pretty good success rate for a small predator bird like this?

    1. Definitely – especially given the size and extremely flimsy nature of its nest. Previously two has been these parents limit. Frogmouths are Nightjars. Hopefully will get some more photos in the next few days although a large rain depression is heading this way, so I may have to wait.

  2. Oh, what a shame, Lyn. Even though that’s the way things go sometimes, it’s difficult not to feel touched by the sweet little thing. I can’t imagine how much work it would have been for the parents trying to fill up three chicks (and themselves)!

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