Rescuing baby…Tawny Frogmouth

Well today was a bit dramatic in the life of the young Tawny Frogmouth family. The second of the 3 babies fell out of the nest this morning and we spent a few hours seeking advice from various people in the area as to the best course of action.

We were advised in the end by Northern Rivers Wildlife Carers that given the young age of the baby its best chance was with its parents.

So after following instructions we created a new ice cream container nest as close to a fork of the tree and to the the actual nest, as was possible given the height of the nest and the steep branch.

We also cleared the branch of new growth to allow an easy landing spot for the parents.

We then carefully transferred the small brave one to its new nest.


All the time we were being watched by the mum with her large yellow eyes and swiveling head.


We left her with the two other babies positioned either side of her now in the original nest and the one we had rescued from the ground in its makeshift nest as close as possible with clear landing space.

The parents are aware the baby is there and hopefully mum and dad will do their job and continue to feed this brave little soul. We have done as much as we can at this point.

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