’50 Best Blogs by Printmakers’

 blog_frogCongratulations to Sherrie York for being included in the ’50 Best Blogs by Printmakers’ at Interior Design Degree. I love what they say about printmaking: ‘You’ll be surprised to learn how contemporary and fresh printmaking has become for the art scene of the new millenium. And moreover, you’ll understand that the printmaking is a major artistic movement worth paying attention to.’

It is always great to find these types of lists where dedicated people have done the hard yards of sifting through many sites to compile a list that we can then all benefit from! I think I can add a few more to their list as well!

Sherrie’s blog – Brush and Baren is excellent and well worth following.

I have been extremely busy with painting a whole batch of prints for an exhibition coming up in Katoomba – more about this very soon. After I get through this I have some designing to finish, carving to do and a whole makeover for my blog and website planned.

In the meantime enjoy this resource!

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  1. Thanks for the nod, Lyn…. It was fun to see some familiar “faces” on the list, as well as some new links to check out. Glad to see you’ve been busy here!

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