oooppps…Australian Floral Emblems…less one

This is like that game “look what’s different between these two images”. Can you see the difference?

The only problem is that the top one is the ‘finished’ design carved and printed.

The second one is how it should look with ALL the Australian Floral Emblems including the beautiful ACT Royal Bluebells Wahlenbergia gloriosa.

So it is back to the carving board to recarve the whole design with the Bluebells.

5 thoughts on “oooppps…Australian Floral Emblems…less one

Add yours

    1. The problem Wren & Karen is that you can’t say this is design “Australian Floral Emblems’ without all the floral emblems in the design LOL!! My fault – cannot believe I missed it and did not notice until I went to paint it – oh well these things happen…

  1. Aaaaargh! you obviously have the patience of a saint………..the first one is beautiful but I know you are a perfectionist so I’m sure the new one will be just as fabulous 🙂

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