Rainforest Wildflowers – Northern NSW – Linocut Design

No I haven’t dropped off the end of the earth – things have just been hectic and stressful this year. I have however just finally got around to posting a new design!! It had it’s beginning a few years ago in one of my sketchbooks as a scribbled design that I developed last year and carved, but have only just managed to finish and post!  The first for 2011.

It is a mix of rainforest ‘wildflowers’ of flowers of trees found around my area of Northern NSW. These include the central image of bright red with lemon tips and abundant deep green leaves – Tree Waratah –  Alloxylon flammeum. The unusual orange/yellow Blackbean flowers on either side of the design – Castanospermum australe. The well known and delicious Macadamia nut flower  Macadamia integrifolia – creamy drop on the left. The tall tree species with bright yellow flowers loved by birds and flying foxes – Grevillea robusta – on the bottom left. On the opposite side of the design are the beautiful flowers of Lacebark Brachychiton discolor.
Across the top from the left deep pink flowers of the threatened species – Spear Lily Doryanthes palmeri. The gorgeous red wheels of the Firewheel Tree – Stenocarpus sinuatus, Finallyare the bright and vibrant flowers and leaves of the Golden Penda Xanthostemon chrysanthus.

It is a busy design and bright collective of flowers emphasizing the diverse and wonderful flowers that you can find in a rainforest if you just look up!

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