Local Country Womens Association – CWA

I was invited a while back to give a talk to the local Alstonville Country Women’s Association – CWA – about my work and linocuts. These ladies are themselves often very talented from craft to cooking and have long supported women in country regions, so it was an honour to be given the opportunity to talk to them about what I do.

I was also invited for lunch – the CWA are renowned for their cooking and it was certainly a lovely lunch. It was a Scottish Day so the food reflected recipes and variations on this theme.

It was a great day and they all kindly agreed to have their photo taken for this blog,

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    1. Here here!! They provide support and help for each other – a long standing ‘networking’ for women before it became a catch phrase. They also do a lot of community support for projects and use their talents to this end as well. A great organisation!!

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