Taa!! Daa!!! Print Studio painted and re-organised

A few weeks ago I proudly announced my new world of order – well that was the cupboards and reference material.

I had been avoiding the print studio.

It was distinctly un-ordered and well frankly ‘un-printable’. I had shoved some additional left over and ‘don’t know what to do with this’ materials and furniture up there, shut the door and tried to forget. But every time I needed to go in there I’d fall over it!!

So the print studio…my husband has been putting up some shelving for me. I have repainted old cupboards including laminex ones with a product that allows water-based enamel paint over oil based. They are back in place and this week I plan to finish ordering most of the studio.

…All lovely crisp white and sea blue…

Now all I have to do is stop procrastinating…

…making excuses…

…getting distracted…

…playing on the computer…


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