Current…State of the Arts

Well after all the cleaning out, re-organisation and upgrading of my art studios I was finally ready to get right back into things wasn’t I?

Feeling good and starting to do things…then…struck down with a shocker of a ‘flu!! Let me say NOT IMPRESSED!!

So over a week later and feeling much better but still not 100%, I am back to my artwork again.

Just thought I’d lay out some of the “current” work – state of my arts practice – I have ‘on the drawing/carving/printing/painting’ board so to speak. I like to work over several projects at once that means if I get stuck on one I transfer to another and then come back to it. It also allows me to vary the physical aspects of my arts practice allowing me to rest my arm/shoulder/neck and try to attempt to avoid inflaming my RSI (repetitive strain injury) issues. The other issue I have is of time – as the main family organiser and helper I often have to drop everything and sort things out, so it is often easier to work on particular work in different places eg. I can doing drawing/design work/transfer image work whilst sitting at my son’s dance classes!

Here is the current – state of the arts…

  • This illustration/drawing of a Banksia serrata is probably about half way through but I am pleased with the way it is coming along. I have a couple more drawings sitting back in various states but none ready to ink.

  • This is the start of a new design with the gorgeous Gymea lily as a central feature. The drawing/design is set out but only the Gymea lily has any actual detail yet. It is quite a large piece.
  • I have many of these ideas from thumbnail sketches up. This one started as a thumbnail in a sketchbook a few of years. I tend to lay out ideas and sketches in my many sketchbooks and often do a scout around to find something ‘new’ that I thought or had planned ages back.

  • And talking about new ‘old’ ideas these are 3 designs that were in my sketchbook about 5 years ago and that I have decided to work up into designs a few weeks ago.

  • These two designs I have mentioned previously. Still struggling on with the Banksia serrata – lots of small and more intense carving needed for its leaves prevents me from spending huge amounts of time a day on it. The second is the new Australia Floral Emblems Design Art that I have started to carve now.

  • This is a new design within the Design Art range – Rainforest flowers – a busy style of design in the style of the above floral emblems and the NZ Wildlfowers. As you can see I am working at transferring the image to the lino at this point.

I have work to paint – in particular 2 commercial based projects I want to have printed in the near future – keeping them under wraps until I can get it done – just need to figure out how to pay for it!!! lol!!

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