Designing a linocut – the process of one design – Part 1

I thought I would work through the process I have used to design the current linocut I am currently working on and a few of the thought processes.

In my previous post I noted I have been looking at banksias lately and in particular Banksia serrata from my garden. I have been photographing my own plant for a while but also looking at design ideas on small scraps of paper etc. I have used Banksia serrata – Saw Banksia previously for a linocut but this was a very long time ago. I also completed one illustration a while ago. After working from the plant and then photographs I did a drawing of one of the Banksia serrata flowers with their lovely serrated leaves. I love the sweep of leaves down and across.

The thought – ‘this might make s nice linocut’ occurred to me so photocopied the drawing and I inked in the black areas for the design.

‘Mmmmmm…a bit lonely by itself and I REALLY like the Banksia serrata seed pods…and there’s those lovely serrated leaves again…’

‘Perhaps I should look at adding to the DESIGNART series‘ with something a bit different – Banksia serrata, seedpod and leaves.

So I started back with my live plant, a dried seedpod, numerous photos, a new template in the DESIGNART range, and a starting point of my one banksia.

…Part 2 coming next…

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  1. I would like to buy a print framed but can’t find your email address to view the prints for sale. Can you p;please gibe me your web page address. Thank you

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