Banksia serrata – and seedpods

After 2 trips to Sydney in 2 months and a third coming up I have been trying to squeeze work in around all this ‘busyness’. I have finally finished the rough completion of 2 projects I have been working on for over 10 years and as soon as the actual edition prints are painted and the project finalised I will be posting about it. I have often wondered about blogging and showing the work process as I go along and generally I am open to doing this but these projects are something I would prefer to keep under wraps in case the concept is taken up by another before I complete mine!

I have also been designing and completing linocuts for a new commercial line of cards that I am hoping to have printed in the near future.

I have a project which is just beginning with an overseas company which is quite exciting – so there will be more big news in the very near future!

In the meantime – Banksia serrata’s are on the drawing board at the, those wonderful serrated leaves and even more interesting seedpods. You remember the ones May Gibbs used as inspiration for her ‘big bad banksia men’. I have a lovely Banksia serrata – or Saw Banksia – in my garden which has been developing a lovely gnarled and interesting trunk. It also provides flowers and nectar for local birds.

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