Wedgetail Eagle

…A wedgetail eagle – outside of Lismore on the Kyogle road last Saturday…

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  1. Hello David,
    I use a Canon EOS 400D – 10 megapixels – with a 75-300mm lens – also a standard size lens with wide-angle. I switched to digital a couple of years ago and it has been great. I did resist for a while and still actually like the idea of tangible holdable negatives but have a double hard drive back-up and am just transferring the image files to cd/dvd. Still get concerned about computers being able to actually read images from now say in 50 years time. Love those old negatives of family and history.

    I was fortunate with this wedgetail eagle – most are really high in the sky but this one was closer to the ground and we were heading up a slight hill. The shot I missed was a small bird with an intense death wish actually dive-bombing this eagle! Now that would have been a great shot!

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