Crows or Ravens – and Coffee

I was enjoying a coffee recently at an outdoor cafe in Brisbane when I was visited by this quite bold crow. It fluffed around and ‘talked’ raiding any leftovers at nearby tables it was able. I am unsure which type of ‘Corvus’ – Australian crow or raven this is – apparently there are six and it is hard to tell. Any information would be gratefully received!

2 thoughts on “Crows or Ravens – and Coffee

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  1. Hi Lyn,
    it will be a Torresian Crow.
    A very intelligent and much maligned bird. If they had a beautiful voice everyone would love them.

  2. Thanks Greer!
    I actually love crows – particularly that slow long crying call they have. I remember listening to it in math class in high school – anything to avoid those dreaded equations! I notice at my boys school the crows congregate – crows seem to have a school thing (easy food pickings perhaps) – I am planning to ask permission to spend some time photographing them. Another fascinating bird – although ‘Tawnies’ are still my favourite…

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