‘Sleepy Tawny’…Tawny Frogmouth…Linocut

I have just completed a second Tawny Frogmouth linocut print‘Sleepy Tawny’. This image came from a young fledgling Tawny Frogmouth who spent a day in our backyard. I took many photos over the day but kept hearing soft clacking and hissing noises – when I looked up the parents of this obviously errant fledgling were above my head in our poinciana tree. I must have been getting too close – although I had a long lens so was not that close to their young one.

This image is of the young Tawny Frogmouth just drifting off to sleep.

It is a ‘companion’ print to ‘Tawny Stare’ which incidentally I just sold a linocut print of at the Wildlife Art @ Discovery in Canberra which I am quite chuffed about considering the current economic climate is not great for selling artwork.

‘Tawny Stare’

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