Strawflowers 1I have been growing a favourite Australian wildflower of mine – the strawflower or paper daisies. I buy them in punnets at a local nursery. They provide a bright and impressive display for many months. The flowers have dry, papery petals and can be picked and used as dried flowers.

The botanical name was Bracteantha bracteata but different varieties can also now known as Helichrysum sp. or Rhodanthe sp. I must admit to being confused at times by the latin names and the changes made.

Anyway they make a great display and are easy to look after.

I have used them in a couple of linocut designs in the past – Everlasting DaisyGolden EverlastingEverlasting Daisy and working on one now as part of my calendar designs…
Strawflowers 4 Strawflowers 2 Strawflowers 3

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  1. Your daisies are beautiful, the ones you’ve grown and the ones you’ve made into art. I might have to put them onto my list to try in the garden.

  2. Hi Lynette,

    You have a beautiful blog, I found you through natureblognetwork. I love Australia, I had the fortune to visit Oz for three months back in 1999 and it was a life changing experience!


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