Carvings – Grevillea Imagining

A series of photographs from Instagram of the progression of carving the Grevillea imaginings lincout. It is quite a fine design with small parts so is by it's nature slow & fiddly. I have however been struggling with chronic pain issues & life interfering with art! It is progressing though & I am now in... Continue Reading →

Currently flowering in my garden….

Isopogan sp. - Drumsticks I took some photos yesterday in my garden - here are a few Australian native wildflowers currently brightening a cold winters day. Yes I know I said it was 'almost' spring but seems as soon as I said that it got cold again...


I have been growing a favourite Australian wildflower of mine - the strawflower or paper daisies. I buy them in punnets at a local nursery. They provide a bright and impressive display for many months. The flowers have dry, papery petals and can be picked and used as dried flowers. The botanical name was Bracteantha... Continue Reading →

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