Noisy Mynas

Noisy MynaOur garden is regularly visited by Noisy Mynas Manorina melanocephala – they are cheeky, chirpy and obviously noisy birds and think nothing of chastising our dogs – from a safe height obviously. However they are also very aggressive, and they travel and attack in packs. I have seen them in groups of about 6 or more attacking a poor swamp pheasant who had dared to enter their ‘patch’. The other problem is that their ‘patch’ can reach be far reaching.

I have also seen them cheekily at outdoor cafes seeing these as their local food source – even with the ‘do not feed the birds’ sign – problem is that they don’t read and so the ‘help yourself’ principle seems to apply in ‘noisymynaland’.

But aside from their faults they actually can be quite entertaining – especially when my spear lilly’s are flowering when all the family comes to feed on the nectar.
Noisy Myna 2 Noisy Myna 3

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  1. I wanted to stop by because I, too, am interested in wild flowers and enjoy photographing them. But, of course, it is winter here with lots of snow right now and no flowers until May. I liked your story about the Mynas and the picture with the beautiful red flower.

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