Emu drawing 1

I was inspired by a recent post at A Snail’s Eye View about emus to have a look back at some photos I’d taken about 6 months ago of Emus. Here’s a drawing I just completed – it’s just a study and yes the mistakes jump out at me but it is the first drawing I’ve done of an emu in years. I”ve spent the last few years focused on wildflowers and in particular Australian wildflowers with a few tawny frogmouths thrown in. Drawing is about establishing visual memories and being able to translate them from 3D to 2D – so a few more studies are in order.

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  1. Thanks Michelle – yes there is a certain ‘madness’ about the bird in this drawing!! lol!! That is the element I most liked about it – I was experimenting with a couple of different ideas but the beak/left side edge is still annoying to my eye!! lol!!

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