‘Enkindled’ – Imaginings

I finally got all 66 prints finished on the 12th September & posted for the Rona Green exchange portfolio & exhibtion ‘Imaginings’ which will be exhibited at Neospace Gallery in Melbourne 1-19 December 2017.

‘Enkindled’ draws its inspiration from the beautiful Grevillea rhylitica – Deua Grevillea endemic to the South Coast of NSW around Batemans Bay. It also is part of an exploration of ornamentation, beauty, patterns and embellishments using wildflowers that I have been working on & about in the background for many years whilst my focus has been caring & looking after family, but am just finally now starting to develop into the final artworks.

I have made many visits to this beautiful part of Australia visiting family where I have spent many hours also exploring the lovely Eurobodalla Regional Botanic Gardens. This piece also pays homage to my family who lived there.

This edition of 66 prints is a pretty large edition to print & each print taking at least 90mins each to handcolour. But I got there, with even a few days to spare on the deadline! I use artist watercolours, often blending the colours within the design so it is not a matter of one flat colour. I also paint them as you can see fairly vibrantly not generally in the softer way of traditional watercolours.

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  1. Truly gorgeous! I use many varieties of grevillea in my landscape designs for residents in Northern California. Love your delightful rendering of this variety and hope some day to visit the botanical garden you mentioned..

    1. Thanks Deborah. There are so many different varieties of Grevillea to work with. The Eurobodalla Botanic Gardens is a small regional gardens about 3-4hrs south of Sydney. The south coast of NSW is a beautiful part of Australia. It is less populated than the north coast and just a bit wilder with lots of bushland and beautiful coastal areas and beaches. Well worth visiting ๐Ÿ™‚

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