Soulsong Photography – a new blog of my photographs

I have been taking photographs since a teenager majoring in high school in both drawing and black and white photography. When I went to Art College (COFA – College of FIne Arts – University of NSW) Photography was one of my minor subjects with my Major combined study being drawing and Relief/linocut printmaking.

For many years I processed my own black and white films and prints within a traditional darkroom, in fact I still has all this equipment but currently no current darkroom setup. This is one of a series of photographs I took for my HSC – Anzac Day in 1981.

I have over time moved into digital photography – I must admit reluctantly at first, but now I love the ability to take as many photos as I like and the possibilities of exploring Digital Art. I do find though I have had to (and continue to upgrade) a digital filing system on backed up hard drives and gold CD’s. I have used my photos mainly to provide a large resource file of images for my artwork.

I completed a photoshop basics course a few years ago but would love to explore this medium further especially as maintaining the physical aspect of carving linocuts becomes more difficult. I have also spent a large amount of time scanning both old photographs, slides and negatives and restoring them for her extended family and will over time add some of these photographs as well.

The photos on this new website are a selection of some of my photographs some old and some new. Some photographs are more successful than others and this new website is to provide a diary of photographs that others might find interesting.

A friend of mine (we grew up together) has become a keen photographer in recent years and has been taking some absolutely stunning shots  – Sharon Quandt – she took the photograph below which I have done a little photo-shopping with.

Here is where you can find Soulsong Photography.

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  1. Hi Lynette, just to let you know your link above misses the : after the http, so fails… but clicking on the photo of you taking a photo worked ok! Very impressed with your lovely new blog and amazing photos, Hazel

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