Why not drop by and say hello? Class is now in @ Linocut and Art Tutorials

I have finally got my act together and finished my blog site that contains all my Linocut and Art Tutorials from this Studio Diary and put them on their on little site.

My aim was to provide a site with good navigation to make it as easy as possible to find out what you want to know. After trying several formats I have settle on the current one with two ways to navigate and a search bar. I have checked all the links twice but if I have missed any – feel free to drop me a line.

I have added some extra tutorials to link things all together – so check out what you may have missed. Including…

Drawing for Linocuts

As a ‘one woman band’ I have edited but some pages may need some ‘tweeking’ – feel free to contribute with suggestions.

These ‘tutorials’ are an insight into my working methods.

I am hoping people will respect the copyright and use the site as a resource – I get a lot of requests for information and decided to share it in this manner free of charge.

The ‘tutorials’ or art ‘bytes’ are not a definitive way of producing a linocut or drawing. They are simply a guide based around my own working methods.

Although it will be largely a static site I will be posting additional tutorials and updates from time to time.

So come by and say hello

Linocut and Art Tutorials – soulsongarttutorials – Tutorials – Art Bytes from Lynette Weir’s Studio Practice

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