Happy New Year – changes & new beginnings

Well I have been in front of the computer for a few days now…well mostly. It seems my reading glasses are the reason for having even more difficulty with seeing clearly for extended times than usual! So I ordered new ones and am waiting on them to arrive from the optometrist. In the mean time the old reading glasses are now apparently best for computer work – set at the right distance for that…so instead of drawing and carving I am currently and with great determination, this time working to upgrade my blogs and website.

So far I have completed in transferring and updating 40 posts from this blog to a new one specifically for Linocut and Art tutorials. It is not ‘live’ yet but I will let you know when that happens.

I thought it might be easier to split the Art/Linocut Tutorials off into a separate space so those that want specific information quickly can find it.

When I started this blog it was just a general idea of like a diary or journal of my artwork, photos and a bit about life, but I do get a lot of requests for information about linocuts and tutorials/workshops.

Due to family commitments and insurance costs actual workshops are still difficult so I am setting up the separate blog for people to access information and to run alongside that I am working on tutorials and tuition for those that want to take things further with their linocuts in particular. Having an education degree might be a bit helpful with this as well!!

Integrating the social media is also another challenge!! So hopefully over the next month my aim is to get this all happening.

So Happy New Year to all my readers!!

2011 was an extremely difficult year for me especially in maintaining my arts practice so….sometimes life needs to take precedence to art.

My general overall resolution is to have a more peaceful and productive 2012.

My commitment for January is to get all the website, blog  and tuition information organised…we’ll see how I go by January 31st!!

5 thoughts on “Happy New Year – changes & new beginnings

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    1. hahaha!! Started well – RSI from too much computer now playing up…sigh…trying again now after a couple of days off! I have done a fair bit on several different fronts though..

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