Storm fronts – South Coast NSW

I am still trying to play catch up after what seems more time away from home than here. This includes filing and cataloging all my digital photos onto external hard drives. Eventually I also do a gold cd/dvd back up about twice a year. I love digital photography but there was always a more permanent aspect to film where 50 years later you have a slide or piece of film you can still process – lose a hard drive and you lose the photos. As a consequence I tend to get a fair number of good ones processed and store them filed away from light (even though their lifespan is also limited) and double hard drive them as well as the gold cd backup.

These are some images I took whilst staying on the South Coast of NSW near Bateman’s Bay in October taken on different days. I must admit to loving clouds and regularly get lost watching the sky change some days. In particular I love storms and the dramatic clouds and lighting associated with them.

They are taken with my trusty old Canon 400D with no filters. I have only boosted the contrast levels a bit in photoshop and removed the mould spots from the lenses that have been plaguing me…need new lenses but as usual not on the urgent list for now…so I photoshop them out – time consuming but free! It has been a while since I used my camera for these types of photos so I was experimenting with different settings manually – nice to have a play around.







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