Feshly Hatched!! Teeny tiny Tawnies…

Some friends who live on a local property have had a couple of resident Tawny FrogmouthsPodargus strigoides – who have bred in a tree beside their house for a few years now. It is an old  gnarly olive tree with the perfect colouring for Tawnies to perch in. They let me know that their pair had babies this week, so I just had to go out and see some of these special baby birds.

The first tell tale sign was this discarded eggshell on the ground below the nesting female.

In the fork of the olive tree, quite low down the female is sitting on a small nest that looks like a few sticks gathered together, a small white fluff ball with a tell tale ‘froglike’ beak can be seen. With mum watching my moves carefully.

Whilst mum rearranges her feathers baby number one just sits under her protective wing.

On the other side of the nest is another sweet little white fluff ball with beak – baby number 2.


Then the little one opened its mouth to yawn showing that large yellow beak.

Mum and babies were not really bothered by my being there taking their photos and interesting to watch the similar poses mum and babies adopted even from these day old chicks.

The mum then settled very still and let out the softed ‘oom oom oom’ call that was barely audible.

We then noticed another tiniest grey/white bobbing object – another baby had just been born.

Very exciting to have been there, the shell was found later that evening.

Last photo of the day. Later that evening both the parents were seen hunting around the house near the nest – lots of food will be needed for their family of 3!

I will be visiting the little brood over the next few weeks and will keep you updated!

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